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A Horse Story

A Horse Story, Sami and Thomas meet Pascal

Images from A Horse Story, a fantastic story in verse about a horse and child becoming friends.
Images from A Horse Story, Sami and Thomas meet Pascal

Read a beautiful Horse Poem in A Horse Story, by James McDonald

A Horse Story
 Author  James McDonald
 Publisher  House of Lore
 Page Count
 ISBN 0988659840
 Publication Date
June 17, 2013

Description of the book

In a cozy country cottage...

On a visit to Grandma's, Sami and Thomas learn how to be good horse-sitters and in the process make a new friend in Pascal the horse. Cleaning the stall and brushing Pascal's shiny coat are just the beginning of this Sami and Thomas horse adventure.

Endearing artwork and a story written in rhythm and rhyme make this a book for horse lovers of all ages.

"Clever and sweet. Artwork is fantastic! Kids loved it and I enjoyed reading it to them. I look forward to the sequel."
-Mike D.