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The Little Unicorn That Had No Horn

A fantastic unicorn book for children, The Little Unicorn That Had No Horn

The Little Unicorn That Had No Horn

Read a beautiful story about a mother unicorn and her child in The Little Unicorn That Had No Horn.

The Little Unicorn That Had No Horn
 Author  James McDonald
 Publisher  House of Lore
 Page Count
 ISBN  0986315125
 Price $ 9.95
 Publication Date
 December 31, 2014

Description of the book

To which the mother unicorn replied...
"I promise that you'll grow up, so treasure each and every day. Never wish one second of your precious time away."

An impatient little unicorn can't wait to grow up and get its horn, but wise Mother Unicorn lovingly guides her little one to appreciate time and not wish it away.

This is a heart-warming story of a mother's love and guidance in helping her child see beyond the uncertainties of childhood and cherish each and every moment.

"This was a touching and beautiful story about a little unicorn that wanted to grow up too fast. It was beautifully illustrated, and tried to convey the messages that time is precious, and that you should enjoy every moment of it. Both myself and my 4-year-old really liked this one, and I have to say that I even got a little tear in my eye at one point. Beautiful story!"

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