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The Ogre and the Master

The Ogre and the Master

"An incredible story with amazing artwork!"

"Mixing Kung-Fu and teaching Kids that hygiene is important... What could be a better combination."

The Ogre and the Master - Page 6 and 7 - Never eat the master!

The Ogre and the Master book cover

The Ogre and the Master
 Author  Rebecca and James McDonald
 Publisher  House of Lore
 Page Count
 ISBN  0986315176
 Price $ 9.95
 Publication Date
 March 17, 2016

Description of the book

The Ogre wants the Kung-Fu Master to teach him the ancient arts, but burping, farting and bad hygiene certainly aren’t good behaviors that a master would stand for. Written in the spirit of an Aesop’s Fable; both characters in the story have important lessons to learn and they aren’t always easy. The Master and the Ogre come to discover that changing one’s nature is far more difficult than changing one’s behavior.