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The Scribbles

The Scribbles

Inspiring Kids to Draw!

Never underestimate the power of the scribbles and the amazing imagination of children. Through the eyes of a young child the clouds in the sky take on all kinds of shapes, from animals, to dragons and cityscapes; sand on the beach becomes kingdoms and backyards are where rockets launch and unicorns graze. Kids have a way of bringing the simplest things to life.

For toddlers, wild lines are the beginning of a creative journey. For preschoolers scribble lines are a little more thought out. When kids get to kindergarten, scribbling is a serious undertaking that with encouragement will blossom into a love of drawing and creating.

It’s easy to forget humble beginnings and focus only on the step by step lessons that teach children the skills to draw, but it’s in those scribbling moments that travel way outside the lines that imagination begins to expand and build.

My own scribbles had long been forgotten; until, when teaching my children to draw, I came across those long lost friends, peeking up from the page, and the book The Scribbles came to life.

Celebrating all the stages of artistic development is an integral part of growth. For kids, scribbling is one of the first steps in artistic expression. This is a story that celebrates being a beginner, so the next time a young child brings you their page of scribbles look a little closer and imagine what you might find.

The Scribbles IMages from the book

The Scribbles Book Cover

 The Scribbles
 Author  Rebecca and  James McDonald
 Publisher  House of Lore
 Page Count
 ISBN  0986315192
 Price $ 9.95
 Publication Date
 September 1st, 2016

Description of the book

Upon an a simple, ordinary piece of paper lives three scribbles. Just your regular old scribbles to the average person, but in the hands of a child the scribbles become everything imaginable.

Help your child move from scribbling to drawing and become the artist they want to be with the adorable story, The Scribbles.