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Here are some of our most loved poems of all. Poetry that will have you thinking, imagining or giggling
in no time. We are constantly adding new pages that cover a range of subjects for all ages, so be sure to check back often. Also, as a blast from the past we've gathered some really great classic poems for kids as well. Just check out our Classic Poems For Kids section below.


An enchanting Story About A Mother Unicorn And Her Babe

The Little Unicorn That Had No Horn

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Poems for Kids by some contemporary poets

It's back to school again

As quickly as it came, it's gone and we're back to school again.

School's Out

Here comes Summer! Have a blast, enjoy your time, and read this poem.

A Mother's Day Poem

To all the mothers in the world, a poem for you. :)

Spring Clouds

A poem of spring and all that it brings, and the clouds in the sky that say hi to you and I.

Aim High To The Sky

Striving to do better in life, in whatever you do, is something, that I think, rings very very true.

A New Year's Wish

From all of us at Rainy Day Poems, here's wishing you a very happy new year! :)

The Bridge of Life

Often times it seems as if life just won't stand still.

Mr. McGallimagoo

Meet Mr. McGallimagoo, but don't be surprised if he isn't that happy about being called Mr. McGallimagoo. Just read the poem to find out why. :)

The Pursuit

A kids poem about a girl and a butterfly, and getting lost in flight.

Words of Absurdity

Tweedle-Dee, Tweedle-Dum
All day long they tweedle their thumbs...

My Cat is Fat

Oh Vesters.... why won't you listen.

Learning to Fall on Purpose

A ballerina through the looking glass, written in the spirit of Alice.

The Choice of Your Mind

A walk into an abstract mind.

Spilt Tea

An imaginative tea party written in Laughing lyrics.

The Teachings of a Snail

Can a snail teach a lesson? Read on and find out.

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Cautionary Tales for Children by Hilaire Belloc


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