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The Two Friends by Unknown Author

The Two Friends

by Unknown Author

A Spider and a Centipede went out to take a walk;

The Centipede said frankly, “I will listen while you talk,

But I may appear distracted, or assume a vacant stare,

Because to keep my feet in step requires my constant care.”

Said the Spider: “I appreciate your most peculiar case,

And your feet must be quite handy when you want to run a race;

But though you gain in some ways, in some other ways you lose;

And, of course, my friend, you must be quite extravagant in shoes.”

“Ah! yes. Ah! yes,” a heavy sigh escaped the Centipede;

“And I have other trials, too;—my life is hard indeed!

Why, sometimes when I’m very tired, a long, long time it takes

To ascertain with certainty which foot it is that aches.

“And when I go to dancing-class on Saturdays at three,

I find the First Position very difficult for me.

Though I put my best foot foremost, and good time I try to keep,

To my chagrin, I often find a foot or two asleep.

Athletics I attempted, but, alas! I must admit

That every exercise I tried I put my foot in it.

I think I’ll join a foot-ball team,—as many friends suggest,—

Before I’ve one foot in the grave and gout in all the rest.

But now I’ll say good-morning; for, my friend, I have to stop

To get my boots blacked neatly at this little boot-black’s shop;

And, as you may imagine, it will keep me here some time,

But, what is worse, I’ll have to pay him many a hard-earned dime.”

The Spider said good-morning, and pursued his way alone,

And as he went he murmured, in a thoughtful undertone:

“I’m a happy little Spider, and I’m very glad indeed,

That I was born an octoped and not a centipede!”