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Two Little Kittens Jane Taylor

Two Little Kittens

Jane Taylor

Two little Kittens,

One stormy night,

Began to quarrel,

And then to fight

One had a mouse

And the other had none;

And that was the way

The quarrel begun.

"I'll have that mouse,"

Said the bigger cat.

"You'll have that mouse?

We'll see about that!"

"I will have that mouse,"

Said the tortoise-shell;

And, spitting and scratching,

On her sister she fell.

I've told you before

'Twas a stormy night,

When these two kittens

Began to fight.

The old woman took

The sweeping broom,

And swept them both

Right out of the room.

The ground was covered

With frost and snow,

They had lost the mouse,

And had nowhere to go.

So they lay and shivered

Beside the door,

Til the old woman finished

Sweeping the floor.

And then they crept in

As quiet as mice,

All wet with snow

And as cold as ice.

They found it much better 

That stormy night,

To lie by the fire,

Than to quarrel and fight.