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DANCE, DOGGIE, DANCE by Unknown Author


by Unknown Author

Now, Fido, I have dressed you up 

In cap, and coat, and cape;

 No, no, indeed my little friend,

 You cannot yet escape!

 Papa has seen a foreign dog

 Dressed up like you in France,

 And says that little poodle pup

 Was quickly taught to dance.

Come, Fido, now you must be good,

 I will not hurt you there;

 Now stand upon your hinder-legs

 And lift them in the air.

 Listen—I will hum the tune

 And you must dance with me;

 I want both paws, sir, if you please.

 Come, Fido—one, two, three!

"Good doggie! as I've taught you that—

 Oh dear! he's run away.

 The naughty dog! he sees a cat.

 Come here, sir! Fido, stay!

 There now, he's off and won't come back;

 We'll dance no more to-day;

 And Fido's got my dress and cape—

 Oh! what will mother say?"