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The Joy of a Dog by Edgar Guest


Edgar Guest

  Ma says no, it's too much care
  An' it will scatter germs an' hair,
  An' it's a nuisance through and through.
  An' barks when you don't want it to;
  An' carries dirt from off the street,
  An' tracks the carpets with its feet.
  But it's a sign he's growin' up
  When he is longin' for a pup.
  Most every night he comes to me
  An' climbs a-straddle of my knee
  An' starts to fondle me an' pet,
  Then asks me if I've found one yet.
  An' ma says: "Now don't tell him yes;
  You know they make an awful mess."
  An' starts their faults to catalogue.
  But every boy should have a dog.
  An' some night when he comes to me,
  Deep in my pocket there will be
  The pup he's hungry to possess
  Or else I sadly miss my guess.
  For I remember all the joy
  A dog meant to a little boy
  Who loved it in the long ago,
  The joy that's now his right to know.