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A Dream of Poem Dolly Radford

A Dream of Poem

Dolly Radford

ALL day I read your book; at Eve

Your dreams into my dark sleep stole,

Through the unbroken hours to weave

A picture for my soul.

Now from the deep inspired night

I rise, and, near and stretching far,

I see the earth lie clear and bright

Beneath one morning star.

The great World-Spirit watching still

Broods over all with folded wings,

And ever down-cast eyes until

The first bird wakes and sings,

And through the eastern cloud the sun

Breaks with a new unnumbered day

And now His watching is all done--

The night has passed away.

He turns toward the dawn, and I

Wait as he breathes the sweet fresh air,

Then with a new-born joy I cry

To see His face so fair.