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EARLY MORN by William H. Davies


by William H. Davies

When I did wake this morn from sleep,

    It seemed I heard birds in a dream;

  Then I arose to take the air—

    The lovely air that made birds scream;

  Just as a green hill launched the ship

  Of gold, to take its first clear dip.

  And it began its journey then,

    As I came forth to take the air;

  The timid Stars had vanished quite,

    The Moon was dying with a stare;

  Horses, and kine, and sheep were seen,

  As still as pictures, in fields green.

  It seemed as though I had surprised

    And trespassed in a golden world

  That should have passed while men still slept!

    The joyful birds, the ship of gold,

  The horses, kine, and sheep did seem

  As they would vanish for a dream.