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Earth Day Poems

Earth Day Poems

Right now, Earth is the only planet we have to live on. Let's take care of it! Below we've collected poetry that celebrates the beauty, uniqueness and importance of our little blue planet, and many of the living things that call it home. If you have other poems you'd like to see on this Earth Day page, let us know.

Earth Day Poems for Kids

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Mrs. Rebecca's Read Aloud I Am Earth

Every year since the early 1970’s people have been celebrating Earth Day worldwide on April 22nd. Across the world, in many countries people set up environmental goals to clean and protect the world we live in. It’s the perfect chance to stop the hustle and bustle of busy life and remember the unique planet we live.

Governments set up summits on Earth Day to create healthy environmental policies for all countries to participate. As time passes on our special planet, we realize that some of the behaviors we have chosen to do in society have put pressure on the health and well being of our planet. Earth Day was invented as a reminder and chance to correct bad environmental choices.

As individuals, Earth Day gives us each a chance to make changes on a smaller level, and these changes have far reaching positive environmental effects. When kids decide to celebrate Earth Day by researching about the earth or finding out how they can help the environment, this creates a ripple effect that changes families’ household behaviors and educates friends on how to protect the earth, not to mention the positive long term changes such actions have throughout life times.

One way to get kids engaged in Earth Day is through poetry. On this page we’ve gathered poems that in eloquent and diverse ways celebrate the beauty of our planet. As an Earth Day activity for kids of all ages, writing poems about earth is a rewarding and engaging way to express and learn about our wonderful planet!