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Sleepyhead Walter de la Mare

Walter de la Mare

As I lay awake in the white moonlight
I heard a faint singing in the wood, 
"Out of bed, 
Put your white foot, now;
Here are we 
Beneath the tree
Singing round the root now."

I looked out of window, in the white moonlight
The leaves were like snow in the wood— 
"Come away, 
Child, and play 
Light with the gnomies; 
In a mound, 
Green and round, 
That's where their home is.

"Honey sweet, 
Curds to eat, 
Cream and frumenty, 
Shells and beads, 
Poppy seeds, 
You shall have plenty."

But, as soon as I stooped in the dim moonlight
To put on my stocking and my shoe, 
The sweet shrill singing echoed faintly away, 
And the grey of the morning peeped through, 
And instead of the gnomies there came a red robin 
To sing of the buttercups and dew.

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