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I have Some Friends by Robert Service

I Have Some Friends
Robert Service

I have some friends, some worthy friends,

And worthy friends are rare:

These carpet slippers on my feet,

That padded leather chair;

This old and shabby dressing-gown,

So well the worse of wear.

I have some friends, some honest friends,

And honest friends are few;

My pipe of briar, my open fire,

A book that's not too new;

My bed so warm, the nights of storm

I love to listen to.

I have some friends, some good, good friends,

Who faithful are to me:

My wrestling partner when I rise,

The big and burly sea;

My little boat that's riding there

So saucy and so free.

I have some friends, some golden friends,

Whose worth will not decline:

A tawny Irish terrier, a purple shading pine,

A little red-roofed cottage that

So proudly I call mine.

All other friends may come and go,

All other friendships fail;

But these, the friends I've worked to win,

Oh, they will never stale;

And comfort me till Time shall write

The finish to my tale.