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The Horse by James Stephens

The Horse 

by James Stephens 

A sparrow hopped about the street, 

And he was not a bit afraid; 

He flew between a horse's feet, 

And ate his supper undismayed: 

I think myself the horse knew well 

The bird came for the grains that fell. 

For his eye was looking down, 

And he danced the corn about 

In his nosebag, till the brown 

Grains of corn were tumbled out; 

And I fancy that he said, 

"Eat it up, young SpeckleHead!" 

The driver then came back again, 

He climbed into the heavy dray; 

And he tightened up the rein, 

Cracked his whip and drove away. 

But when the horse's ribs were hit, 

The sparrow did not care a bit.