The Power of Littles by Unknown Author

The Power of Littles

by Unknown Author

Great events, we often find,

On little things depend,

And very small beginnings

Have oft a mighty end.

Letters joined make words,

And words to books may grow,

As flake on flake descending

Form an avalanche of snow.

A single utterance may good

Or evil thought, inspire;

One little spark enkindled

May set a town on fire.

What volumes may be written

With little drops of ink!

How small a leak, unnoticed,

A mighty ship will sink!

A tiny insect's labor

Makes the coral strand,

And mighty seas are girdled

With grains of golden sand.

A daily penny, saved,

A fortune may begin;

A daily penny, squandered,

May lead to vice and sin.

Our life is made entirely

Of moments multiplied,

As little streamlets, joining,

Form the ocean's tide.

Our hours and days, our months and years,

Are in small moments given:

They constitute our time below-

Eternity in heaven.