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Rain Song by Evaleen Stein

Rain Song

by Evaleen Stein

 Tinkle, tinkle,
 Lightly fall
 On the peach buds, pink and small;
 Tip the tiny grass, and twinkle
 On the clover, green and tall.

Tinkle, tinkle,—
 Faster now,
 Little rain-drops, smite and sprinkle
 Cherry-bloom and apple-bough!
 Pelt the elms, and show them how
 You can dash!
 And splash! splash! splash!
 While the thunder rolls and mutters,
 And the lightnings flash and flash!

Then eddy into curls Of a million misty swirls,
 And thread the air with silver, and embroider it with pearls!
And patter, patter, patter 
To a quicker time, and clatter
 On the streaming window-pane;
 Rain, rain,
 On the leaves,
 And the eaves,
 And the turning weather-vane!
Rush in torrents from the tip
 Of the gable-peak, and drip
 In the garden-bed, and fill
 All the cuckoo-cups, and pour
 More and more

In the tulip-bowls, and still
 In a crystal tide until
 Every yellow daffodil
 Is flooded to its golden rim, and brimming o'er and o'er!
Then as gently as the low
 Muffled whir of robin wings,
 Or a sweep of silver strings,
 Even so,
 Take your airy
 April flight
 Through the merry
 April light,
 And melt into a mist of rainy music as you go!