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Who Likes the Rain? by Unknown Author

Who Likes the Rain?

by Unknown Author

"I," said the duck. "I call it fun,

For I have my pretty red rubbers on;

They make a little three-toed track

In the soft, cool mud-quack! quack!"

"I," cried the dandelion, "I,

my roots are thirsty, my buds are dry,"

And she lifted a tousled yellow head

Out of her green and grassy bed.

Sang the brook:"I welcome every drop,

Come down, dear raindrops; never stop

Until a broad river you make of me,

And then I will carry you to the sea."

"I," shouted Ted, "for I can run,

With my high-top boots and raincoat on,

Through every puddle and runlet and pool

I find on the road to school.