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Poems for Kids by some contemporary poets

Poems for Kids by some contemporary poets

Below is a list of some of the fantastic poems written by some contemporary poets, chosen especially for this site.

Holiday Poems For Kids

Poems for kids by some contemporary poets

  • School's Out
    • Here comes Summer! Have a blast, enjoy your time, and read this poem.
  • Spring Clouds
    • A poem of spring and all that it brings, and the clouds in the sky that say hi to you and I.
  • Aim High To The Sky
    • Striving to do better in life, in whatever you do, is something, that I think, rings very very true.
  • A New Year's Wish
    • From all of us at Rainy Day Poems, here's wishing you a very happy new year! :)
  • Mr. McGallimagoo By James McDonald
    • Meet Mr. McGallimagoo, but don't be surprised if he isn't that happy about being called Mr. McGallimagoo. Just read the poem to find out why. :)
  • The Pursuit
    • A kids poem about a girl and a butterfly, and getting lost in flight.
  • Spilt Tea
    • An imaginative tea party written in Laughing lyrics.