Hiding by Dorothy Aldis


Dorothy Aldis 

I'm hiding, I'm hiding, 

And no one knows where; 

For all they can see is my 

Toes and my hair. 

And I just heard my father 

Say to my mother — 

"But, darling, he must be 

Somewhere or other; 

"Have you looked in the ink well?" 

And Mother said, "Where?" 

"In the INK WELL," said Father. But 

I was not there. 

Then, "Wait!" cried my mother — 

"I think that I see 

Him under the carpet." But 

It was not me. 

"Inside the mirror's 

A pretty good place," 

Said Father and looked, but saw 

Only his face. 

"We've hunted," sighed Mother, 

"As hard as we could 

And I AM so afraid that we've 

Lost him for good." 

Then I laughed out aloud 

And I wiggled my toes 

And Father said — "Look, dear, 

I wonder if those 

Toes could be Benny's. 

There are ten of them. See?" 

And they WERE so surprised to find 

Out it was me!