Hullo by Sam Walter Foss

by Sam Walter Foss

W'en you see a man in woe,

Walk right up and say "Hullo!"

Say "Hullo" and "How d'ye do?

How's the world a-usin' you?"

Slap the fellow on the back;

Bring your hand down with a whack;

Walk right up, and don't go slow;

Grin an' shake, an' say "Hullo!"

Is he clothed in rags? Oh! sho;

Walk right up an' say "Hullo!"

Rags is but a cotton roll

Jest for wrappin' up a soul;

An' a soul is worth a true

Hale and hearty "How d'ye do?"

Don't wait for the crowd to go,

Walk right up and say "Hullo!"

When big vessels meet, they say

They saloot an' sail away.

Jest the same are you an' me

Lonesome ships upon a sea;

Each one sailin' his own log,

For a port behind the fog;

Let your speakin' trumpet blow;

Lift your horn an' cry "Hullo!"

Say "Hullo!" an' "How d'ye do?"

Other folks are good as you.

W'en you leave your house of clay

Wanderin' in the far away,

W'en you travel through the strange

Country t'other side the range,

Then the souls you've cheered will know

Who ye be, an' say "Hullo."