Jim Brady's Big Brother by J.W. Foley

Jim Brady's Big Brother
by J.W. Foley

Jim Brady's big brother's a wonderful lad,

And wonderful, wonderful muscles he had;

He swung by one arm from the limb of a tree

And hung there while Jim counted up forty-three

Just as slow as he could; and he leaped at a bound

Across a wide creek and lit square on the ground

Just as light as a deer; and the things he can do,

So Jimmy told us, you would hardly think true.

Jim Brady's big brother could throw a fly ball

From center to home just like nothing at all;

And often while playing a game he would stand

And take a high fly with just only one hand;

Jim Brady showed us where he knocked a home run

And won the big game when it stood three to one

Against the home team, and Jim Brady, he showed

The place where it lit in the old wagon road!

Jim Brady's big brother could bat up a fly

That you hardly could see, for it went up so high;

He'd bring up his muscle and break any string

That you tied on his arm like it wasn't a thing!

He used to turn handsprings, and cartwheels, and he

Could jump through his hands just as slick as could be,

And circuses often would want him to go

And be in the ring, but his mother said no.

Jim Brady's big brother would often make bets

With boys that he'd turn two complete summersets

From off of the spring-board before he would dive,

And you'd hardly think he would come up alive;

And nobody else who went there to swim

Could do it, but it was just easy for him;

And they'd all be scared, so Jim said, when he'd stay

In under and come up a half mile away.

Jim Brady's big brother, so Jim said, could run

Five miles in a race just as easy as one.

Right often he walked on his hands half a block

And could have walked more if he'd wanted to walk!

And Jimmy says wait till he comes home from school,

Where he is gone now, and some day, when it's cool,

He'll get him to prove everything to be true

That Jimmy told us his big brother could do!