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Space Poems

Space Poems

Space, the final frontier...With poetry the possibilities are endless. Below we have gathered some amazing poems 
about space. As always we will continue to add more space poems. If you know of other space poems that you feel
would be a great addition here, please contact us and let us know.

Throw on your space gear and ready the rocket. It's time to blast off for another adventure!

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Space is truly the final frontier. From ancient times until now people have gazed up at the same stars and solar system and wondered what's really going on out there. A beautiful way to express this wonder at the cosmic abyss is through poetry. From our moon to a nebula beyond the Milky Way people have wondered, studied and wrote about the possibilities that outer space holds.

In the collection of poems above the infatuation with space is evident, encompassing the beloved moon, mysterious mars, our neighborhood the solar system, asteroids and all the way out to the ends of the universe, adult and child alike have visions of space travel. Many of the poems are simply written for younger kids to enjoy as well as older children. There are also longer more complex poems for older kids and adults to visualize and imagine the wonders of space. Whether you've dreamt of traveling space as an astronaut or simply loved gazing at the stars as an amateur astronomer space poems will take you to the many corners of the galaxy through the minds of amazing poets!

Eugene Field in his poem Wynken, Blynken and Nod takes us sailing off into space in a wooden shoe over a crystal sea of stars, a wonderfully imaginative classic poem loved by kids of all ages. Or for the student wondering what they will be when they grow up, James McDonalds’ poem One Day I’ll Be imagines a future on a distant star with the best view of all on the cosmic sea. And in the poem Moon Woman it’s not the old man in the moon anymore it’s the beautiful silhouette of Luna the fair Moon Maiden. Poetry brings to life with words all the possibilities the mind is capable of, an amazing gift to share with children.