The Knight and the Donkey by Liam Martin

The Knight and the Donkey

by Liam Martin

Let me tell you a tale full of remorse You know of the knights on their shining horse Well think about those who didn't get such a steed And got landed with a different breed Just like old Sir Cuthbert the fool Who was sent to battle on a lame mule Or the gigantic and fearsome Sir Tony Who was made to ride a small pony And sure enough when he sat He squished the poor thing flat! But this story goes nothing like that It's about a knight on a donkey's back Through the woods of green and grey The knight raced to war one day But even the animals there took heed Of his unfortunate steed's terrible speed! Plodding towards the chinking armour rattle And charging through the trees and into battle! But because he had simply taken so long The war was over and the soldiers had gone!