The Lonesome Scarecrow by Daniel Klawitter

The Lonesome Scarecrow

by Daniel Klawitter

A farmer stuck me in his field To scare off all the crows. It’s lonesome here amongst the corn As you might well suppose. They dressed me like a human But I’m only made of straw. And all day long I hear the crows: Caw-caw! Caw-caw! Caw-caw! There’s no one I can talk to For miles and miles around. I cannot move my arms or legs: I’m fastened to the ground. As I stare at the horizon, I protect their crops from harm. The king of all that I survey: The fields, the house, the barn. But heavy is my burlap head— My hat is not a crown. I’m such a lonely scarecrow. I wish you’d take me down. I’d love to play a game of tag And run through rows of corn! Instead of being stuck up here So lonesome and forlorn.