The Magpie by Liam Martin

The Magpie

by Liam Martin

Near a quiet town, and by a shady sea There lived a magpie in a hollow tree In it he kept a stash of shiny things Lots of gold coins and a few silver rings They were bars that were made entirely of bronze And a wallet on top that was labelled "Johns"! But this is certainly, most definitely not funny Especially since the bird had no money Nor did he have a job to call his own So as to how he got all this nothing is known But listen closely and we'll soon see What Mr magpie gets up to in his hollow tree Now it may seem to you or me That this sleeping Magpie is just lazy But let me say that that is not the case He's awake I tell you! just look at his face He may well seem to be asleep But every now and again he has a peep Just to check if it's morning or midday But if it's evening he flies away You see when the sky is black and the moon hangs down Mr magpie likes to patrol the town While the water rats snore and the owls hoot Mr magpie is on the lookout for sparkling loot Gliding high up in the sky And looking down with his beady eye At last! He spotted something that took his fancy On a windowsill sat a violet pansy But that wasn't what caught his eye It was something on the vase that shimmered and shined He swooped down to take a closer look In the base of the vase a ruby was stuck He pecked and picked at this priceless antique And then he flew off with it in his beak By gum! Good golly! Oh my! Good grief! This bird's nothing but a petty thief!